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Venomous Naga on CalasetEdit


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Size: Medium (6-9 feet long)/(~200-450 lbs)

Age: Reach physical adulthood by their early 20s, live to be ~150-160

Speed: 30 feet

Natural Weapon, Bite: A Venomous Naga has retractable fangs that can be used to bite into an opponent. You are proficient with them, and your fangs are counted as a Finesse weapon, dealing 1d6 + Mod Piercing damage.

Poison: On a successful Bite attack, a Venomous Naga can choose to pump their venom out of their fangs, poisoning their enemy. At the start of a poisoned enemy's turn, they perform a CON save against your save DC, which is equal to: (8+Proficiency Bonus+CON mod). On a failure, they take 1d6+CON mod Poison damage. At level 1, they can use this ability once per short rest. At level 3, this increases to twice per short rest, and at level 5 it increases to three times per short rest.

Snake-like Nature: Naga share some of the innate qualities of snakes. Naga use either their Strength modifier or Dexterity modifier for Athletics checks, whichever is higher. Naga get advantage on Athletics checks related to climbing or swimming.

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