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Tiefling are the human variant of the part Infernal groups, and the most commonly found; why humans are the most likely to manifest any Infernal heritage they may have is unknown. Humans also tend to have the most mixed responses to children showing any kind of Infernal nature. Some families accept them and do their best to give their child the best life they can in the face of an angry, suspicious world, others will instantly throw them out into the cold. Most families land somewhere in the middle. No matter what though, the general human populace intensely dislike tieflings, discriminating against them at every turn, leaving most tiefling stuck in a life of permanent poverty and/or criminality.

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Most Tieflings are given and maintain a name of human origin. On Calaset, there is two primary human groups, the first of which are the Arizima, a group of people whose names I pull from Han Dynasty China/Han Chinese people. The second group is the Rashemi, a group of humans whose names I pull from the Odia people of India. As mentioned, humans from all walks of life exist on Calaset though, so feel free to use any human based name you want. As an additional note, tieflings do face a significant amount of oppression from most cultures, often times being forced to live on the edges of society in poverty. This means not all of them will want or accept names given to them or that are distinctly human, instead choosing to choose their own name from any number of sources.

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Tieflings are partially of human bloodlines, and share the same general shape as your average human. However, like their cousins the Siannodi and Od Iyesi, they have a number of distinct physical characteristics due to their infernal heritage. Most tieflings have horns, that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also almost universally have thick tails that can be upwards of five feet long, and which often times are quite expressive in response to their owner's emotional states. Their canine teeth are more prominent then human's, being both longer and sharper. Also of note is that they lack any visible sclera or pupils, leaving them with solid coloured eyes, typically black, red, white, silver, or gold. Their skin tones cover the entirety of human skin tones, but also include shades of red, blue, and purple. Their hair is typically dark, ranging from blacks and browns to dark reds, blues, and purples.

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