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Often seen as a manifestation of Beshaba’s corruption of Milaka’s creations, many Siannodi are ritually killed or abandoned at birth. There is exceptions, with some elvish cultures seeing Siannodi’s almost supernatural agility and natural powers over light, being able to both create and bend it away themselves as a boon, raising them as spies, assassins, and confidential couriers.

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For Elves, I primarily pull from the Hallstatt culture of the Celts/Ancient Celts. It is rare for Siannodi to be accepted among Elves, but not impossible. This means that well some Siannodi may have Elven names either out of personal preference or growing up with one, many may instead have a name related to or taken from the group of people they did grow up around. Siannodi face much of the same oppression that Tiefling do in other cultures, and so like Tieflings are often forced to scrap and fight for survival growing up in slums and the outskirts of society.

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Like other part Infernals, Siannodi show physical signs of their heritage. Long, thin tails are very common among Siannodi, with horns being less common then Tieflings or Od Iyesi. They share the eyes of Tieflings in that they lack a visible pupil or sclera, and showcase a variety of eye colours ranging from metallic colours like blacks, whites, silvers, and golds, to more drastic colours like purples, reds, or neon blues. The last trait most Siannodis share is a scattering of scales across parts of their bodies. These scales share the same range of colours that their eyes exhibit, often times with a distinct amount of overlap between their eye colour and scale colour.

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