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Many orc tribes welcome Od Iyesi, seeing them as useful additions to the group. In peacetime, they often function as renowned smiths, capable of producing and controlling flames more powerful than most furnaces; and in war time they are powerful warriors capable of igniting dozens of enemies with arcane fire.

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For Orcs, I primarily pull from Pre-Mongolian Empire nomadic tribes/Mongolian names/words. Od Iyesi typically have Orcish names as they are often accepted by their birth families.

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Like other part Infernals, Od Iyesi show physical signs of their heritage. Tails are less common among them then Tieflings or Siannodi, but horns are an almost universal trait of Od Iyesi. Their eyes are not the solid colours of Tieflings/Siannodi, but they do tend towards having bright red, orange, yellow or sometimes flickering blue pupils. Sharpened teeth, and elongated fangs are common traits as well, and their hair naturally grows in an astonishing variety of colours.

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