Repeating Crossbows Edit

Origins Edit

Originally designed by the engineers of the Draconic Sea Lightning Empire to be used in the field to provide fire support for infantry groups, with the goal being to allow for the same output of ranged fire while having fewer dedicated marksmen roles. Unfortunately, it proved impossible to create a mechanism that was able to push a lock that was capable of generating the same amount of force a traditional crossbow or bow could provide, drastically lowering the effective range and penetrative ability of the weapon. The final straw however was during field testing where soldiers reported that reloading new clips of bolts in the chaos of a battle was difficult to impossible, and that in the face of the varied conditions they encountered, the crossbows required near constant maintenance in order to perform.

The Sea Lightning Empire is loathe to waste a promising idea however, and further testing proved them to be extremely dangerous weapons when in the hands of people assigned to purely defensive roles, such as bodyguards or the garrison of a fort or tower. In those contexts, the up close nature of fighting indoors caused the inherent range issues to disappear, and the natural defender's advantage of having cover to fight from meant that users were able to calmly retreat and reload without interruption, thus enabling the users to lay down withering curtains of bolt fire with little to no issues.

Light Repeating Crossbow (Eclipse Phase only) Edit

Light Repeating Crossbow: 1d6 Piercing damage, 7 lbs, (Range 30/120) | 1,500 GP

Attributes: Martial Weapon, Ammo, Clip-fed, Two-Handed, Extra Attack (Fires two bolts per Attack action)

Heavy Repeating Crossbow (Eclipse Phase only) Edit

Heavy Repeating Crossbow: 1d8 Piercing damage, 25 lbs, (Range 40/160) | 4,500 GP

Attributes: Martial Weapon, Ammo, Clip-fed, Two-Handed, Extra Attack (Fires two bolts per Attack action)

REQUIRES: Crossbow Expert feat

Clips and Reloading Edit

Basic Bolt Clip: Holds 6 bolts, takes 30 seconds (5 rounds) to refill an empty clip, 1 lb (full) | 500 GP

Military Bolt Clip: Holds 10 bolts, takes 42 seconds (7 rounds) to refill an empty clip 1.5 lb (full) | 1k GP

Alternately, the DM can choose to have the players make a DEX save to reload a clip:

- Basic: 0-5: 0 bolts | 6-10: 1 | 10-15: 2 | 15-20+: 3

- Military: 0-5: 0 bolts | 6-10: 2 | 10-15: 3 | 15-20+: 4

Reloading a Repeating Crossbow: In order to fit a new bolt clip into a repeating crossbow, you can not take a move action on the turn you do so, and you must spend 1 standard action. With the Crossbow Expert feat, the movement restriction is removed.