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Typically found in warmer+wetter/equatorial climates. Less common than Venomous Naga.

Constrictor Naga on CalasetEdit


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Player Character statsEdit

Size: Large (11-15 feet long) (~550-1000 pounds)

Age: Reach physical adulthood by their mid to late 20s, live to be ~160-180

Speed: 30 feet

Natural Weapon, Tail: Constrictor Naga's large tails are capable of being used as clubs. You are proficient with it, and they deal 1d8+STR bludgeoning damage.

Tail Grab: A Constrictor Naga who strikes an opponent with their tail can attempt to start a Grapple as a bonus action without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Constrict: After a successful grapple check, you can continue to Constrict the creature as a bonus action once per turn dealing 1d8+STR Bludgeoning damage, until the creature dies or breaks free from your Grapple. While Constricting, the Naga's speed is reduced by half, but can still take other Actions.

Snake-like Nature: Naga share some of the innate qualities of snakes. Naga use either their Strength modifier or Dexterity modifier for Athletics checks, whichever is higher. Naga get advantage on Athletics checks related to climbing or swimming.

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