The Calaset Campaign Setting DatabaseEdit

This is a searchable database for the DnD 5E campaign setting of Calaset (a continent in the world of Eiyama), a homebrew world for people who are bored with how boringly 'default' (read: white, cis, het, abled, etc) most DnD campaign settings are. If you read that and thought "SJW", please just leave now.

NOTE: Apparently this site works like shit on mobile devices? Links not working primarily. If anyone reading this knows about mobile compatibility stuff and wikia pages, I guess message me on my Tumblr or something? Also, I post what and when I update this wiki on my Tumblr, so useful info there I guess. Here it is:

Places to Start Edit

Overview Edit

Discussion of high level thoughts, philosophy, and ideas of the setting. Might include a FAQ on the setting and how best to use the wiki at some point? I really need to write this soon, it would probably help!...

In Universe Fiction Edit

I wanted to start doing 30 minute writing warm up exercises again, and supplying various pieces of in universe fiction to fill things out and give people a better idea of what the world feels like seemed like a good idea. Will be posting links to the various works on the page above!

Ancestries Edit

Where a lot of my effort is currently going, have a lot of background lore to transfer into here in order to characterize the various groups in the world.

List of finished races:

  • Oh dear...

List of partially finished races:

  • Dwarves
  • Kobolds
  • Tieflings
  • Od Iyesi
  • Siannodi
  • Naga

Deities Edit

There is a custom pantheon! It is nothing special, if you have ever engaged with a DnD pantheon before, this will seem largely familiar to you with a few specific spins.

Nation-States Edit

A separate page giving quick details of the various nation-states, their form of government, populations, and outlook on their neighbors.

Religion Edit


Different from the deities! Various groups approach worship/spirituality/belief in who runs the universe differently!

Major Time Periods Edit

There is three major time periods that can all be considered kinda campaign settings on their own. All three share a lot of the general background lore, however each time period is focused on telling certain kinds of stories with certain themes to them. All three do explicitly tie together due to spoiler-y stuff. If you are a player in one of these campaigns who doesn't want spoilers, this is probably a bad place to go.

Maps Edit

MAPS! I really like maps, and I really like making maps! The two major resources I use to make them are: for general map painting, and for generating cities.


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